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Special members meeting 2024

A special membership gathering took place on Tuesday, January 16. In itself this is not special because every additional meeting in addition to the annual general meeting is by definition called a special one.

Why did the board feel it was necessary to hold an extra members' meeting and why could the discussion of the agenda items not wait until the next general members' meeting? There were 2 items on the agenda, namely:

  • The appointment of two board members
  • and the adoption of the association plan 2024-2028.

The board wanted to discuss the association plan in a separate meeting so that sufficient attention could be paid to it. Rightly so.

Due to other commitments, I arrived more than twenty minutes after the start of the meeting and found that the appointment of the board members had already been completed. Frenklin was busy providing a detailed explanation of the association plan, professionally supported with a slide presentation. Our Confidential Contact Person Jan van de Meulenhof also spoke to further explain the part relating to inappropriate behavior.

The members present appreciated the (adjusted) association plan and approved it with applause after the association plan had been adjusted in a few details based on the responses submitted during the meeting. Personally, I am left more or less disappointed because there were only 25 members present, 8 of whom were behind the board table. I find it all the more disappointing against the background of the efforts the board has made to update the association plan. Board, from this side, congratulations for the work done. I think that there is more appreciation for your work and commitment than can be concluded from this meeting.

George Hendriks

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