Thank you for your interest in TTV Stiphout! We would like to provide more information about our table tennis club.

1. General

Table tennis association Stiphout is one of the larger table tennis associations in the Netherlands. Her goal is to let as many people as possible enjoy the sport of table tennis. This can be on a recreational basis or with a more performance-oriented attitude. To achieve this goal, the association offers good training facilities and organizes all kinds of activities in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Since 1988, the association has been using a self-built and owned table tennis accommodation: TABLE TENNIS CENTER 'STIPHOUSE', of course with changing rooms, excellent showers and, moreover, a very cozy canteen.

The full venue address is: Braakweg 30, 5708 JK Helmond (Stiphout)

2. Recreational table tennis

In order to stimulate recreational athletes even more, there are three special occasions each week for senior recreationists in particular:

  • On Wednesday morning, the so-called daytime recreational table tennis takes place. From 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., this group of recreationists, consisting of men and women, mainly 50+, but also other interested parties, will hit a ball in a cozy and sporty atmosphere
  • On Thursday morning from 09:00-12:00 there is the possibility for daytime recreationists (for both beginners and advanced) to follow training, under the supervision of a qualified trainer. This of course also in a cozy atmosphere
  • On Thursday evening from 20:00 there is the possibility to play freely for all seniors.

3. Membership

Information about membership and the associated costs can be found under the 'club info – contribution' tab. Senior and youth members get the opportunity to train (at no extra cost) and can participate in all internal tournaments (usually free entry). Daytime recreationists can play table tennis once a week, on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Daytime recreationists can also participate in all internal tournaments. The supporting membership offers a few extras: you can participate in internal tournaments, such as the club championships, the Easter Bunny Tournament, the Oliebol Tournament and friendly matches. In addition, you will also receive the digital version of the club magazine with news and facts from the association. A nice way to bond with the club.

4. Strip cards

Before you decide to become a permanent member, you can start with a strip card. This allows you to play and/or train 10x. If you then decide to continue, it is assumed that you register as a member of TTV Stiphout.

5. Workouts

In principle, all youth and senior members, who wish, receive training once a week from qualified table tennis trainers. Competitive athletes have the option of a second training session. People with a 'strippenkaart' can also participate in the training sessions. Under 'club info – opening hours' you will find an up-to-date overview of the divisions of the various match days and training groups. The names of the contact persons who arrange and organize the training courses are also listed. If you want to follow training, please ask the relevant trainer about the possibilities.

6. Competition

Members who are interested in this can participate as a team in the competition of the Dutch Table Tennis Association (NTTB) and/or of the Table Tennis Liga Eindhoven (TLE). Each spring and fall, NTTB and TLE leagues are played, usually consisting of 10 games (5 home and 5 away games). You can register for these competitions with one of our competition secretaries. Their names and telephone numbers are listed in our club magazine. The costs will be charged for participation in the competition for both the NTTB and the TLE.

7. Tournaments

In addition to participating in training sessions and competition(s), it is possible to register for all kinds of tournaments or other forms of competition, which are organized by other associations, the NTTB, or the TLE. Table tennis tournaments are also regularly held in 'Stiphouse' for its own members. For information, please contact various committee members (see the club magazine for contact persons). In addition, it is advisable to follow the information indicated on the notice boards and to consult the club magazine.

8. Information Provision

The Board communicates with the members via association mailings, this website and the club magazine 'KLUTS'. The club magazine is published five times a year. You will receive this magazine by e-mail (free of charge) and contains current information about table tennis in general and about TTV Stiphout in particular. You can also find information about table tennis on the following websites: NTTB:, NTTB department South West:, TLE:, Table tennis in general: e-mail address of TTV Stiphout for general correspondence is

9. Activities committee

In addition to table tennis, TTV Stiphout is also active in other areas. Other association activities are regularly organized, such as party evenings, training weekend for youth, card evening, volunteer evening, etc.

10. Statutes, Bylaws and Association Plan

Because the association is busy with many tasks, it is necessary that a number of agreements are laid down in the articles of association and the House Rules. A copy of these documents can be viewed on request. The Association Plan will be emailed upon request. Accepting membership of our association means that you conform to the rules and agreements as laid down in these rules and guidelines.

11. Clothing and Materials

The club colors of TTV Stiphout are red and black. This can be seen in the building (changing rooms, fencing), the club magazine and the clothing. A red shirt with 'TTV Stiphout' print is available at a reduced price; black trousers or skirt are available at purchase price. Table tennis bats must be purchased by the members themselves. We advise beginners in particular not to buy a paddle in a normal sports shop or toy store, but to purchase it through our sponsor Posno Sport. There is a contact person within TTV Stiphout who can order these items for you and provide you with good advice.

In the sports hall it is only allowed to play with sports shoes with clean soles that do not stain. 

12. Finally

Hopefully you have had a positive impression of Table Tennis Association Stiphout. If you want to become a member, possibly after you have played table tennis a few (maximum 3) times without obligation and tasted the atmosphere in 'Stiphouse', please fill in the Registration Form (also online!) and the Continuous Authorization. Hand this in to a trainer or to one of the board members. You can also deposit it in the 'membership administration' mailbox in the canteen. Scan and email to membership can of course also.

We wish you a warm welcome at TTV Stiphout and wish you a pleasant, sporty time as a member of our beautiful association!

With sporty greetings,

Board TTV Stiphout