Day Time Group Trainer
Monday 18.30-20.00 Youth Selection Pieter van Rooy
20.15-21.45 Mixed group youth & seniors Pieter van Rooy
Tuesday* 19.45-00.00 Business competition (according to match schedule)
Wednesday 9.00-12.00 Daytime recreationists
18.30-19.45 Youth group Arthur van den Bosch
20.00-21.45 Senior Selection Pieter van Rooy
Thursday 9.00-12.00 Daytime recreationists Bep Gouweloos
20.00-00.00 TLE competition
(according to match schedule)
20.00-23.00 Free play seniors
Saturday 12.30-16.30 NTTB competition youth teams
17.00-23.00 NTTB competition senior teams

* once a month