What does a membership at TTV Stiphout cost?


The registration fee is a one-time contribution to become a member of our association. The registration fee is:

Youth up to 18 years: € 10.00
Seniors (18 years and older) and daytime recreationists: € 15.00
Supporting members: no registration fee

The registration fee is collected simultaneously with the first contribution collection.


Each year, the contribution for the following year is determined during the General Meeting of Members (usually in April). The rates for 2023 are:

Category Youth (up to 18 years): € 130.00 per year

Daytime holiday maker *: € 130.00 per year

Senior **: € 167.50 per year

Supportive: € 32.50 per year

* applies to members who only play on Wednesday morning or Thursday morning
** 18 years and older

The contribution is collected in one go, for the entire year, in the month of January/February. If you become a member in the course of the year, the due contribution of that year (pro rata per month) as well as the other amounts due will be collected with a subsequent direct debit processing. If you also participate in a competition, these amounts will also be collected prior to (or possibly ongoing) the relevant competition. If you switch to a more expensive membership category during the year, the new contribution will take effect on the date of change. The due contribution, other amounts due and credits for the rest of the year will be collected with the next direct debit processing. Contribution fees will not be refunded if you switch to a cheaper category in the course of the year and/or if your membership is terminated prematurely.


Every member (16 years and older) of TTV Stiphout is obliged to brush twice a year, approximately 1.5 hours, on a cleaning evening or morning (usually on Tuesday). The dates on which you are assigned to brush are recorded in a brushing schedule. If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, you must provide a replacement yourself or exchange with another member. Are you not present on a cleaning evening or
–morning and if you have not arranged a replacement or change, then every six months for every missed cleaning by TTV Stiphout a € 32.50 cleaning fine will be charged. In the unlikely event that you do not wish to clean, the contribution will be increased by € 45 per year.


All payments are made by direct debit. The new member or the parent/guardian of a youth member must sign the Continuous Authorization for this.


If you intend to cancel your membership of the association at any time, you must do so at the latest at the end of a calendar year by e-mail to the membership administrator. membership administration@ttvstiphout.nl. If the cancellation is not received in time, you will again owe a contribution for the new year.