Are you interested in sponsoring?

Fortunately, TTV Stiphout has a fair number of sponsors. With these sponsor contributions, TTV Stiphout can maintain its accommodation, offer high-quality facilities and continue to organize activities, both in the field of table tennis and other events.

Sponsorship at TTV Stiphout is not just a matter of charity, it can be an attractive deal for both parties, so that your sponsorship benefits both TTV Stiphout and you as a sponsor.
In any case you get:

  • Brand awareness among all our members, their family, acquaintances and friends, but also our visiting teams and other interested parties.
  • The possibility to hold a table tennis activity in table tennis center Stiphouse at a reduced rate.


A lot is possible with TTV Stiphout as a sponsor: a billboard in our games room, an advertisement in the club magazine, or perhaps on our table tennis shirts. Express your interest at and we will contact you to discuss the options and rates.
And in any case, all our sponsors are mentioned on this website, including a link to your own website!


Sponsor information request: