Jörgen German new club champion!

Nearly 30 enthusiasts took part in the senior club championships on Sunday, January 26. The first round started with groups of 3 or 4. Winners went to the main round, numbers 2 played an intermediate round. The winners of the intermediate round also advanced to the main round; the losers joined numbers 3 and 4 of the first round.

There were plenty of surprises from the start, with some performing surprisingly high and others below expectations. In the end, Jörgen Duitsman vs Peter Mol and Ben Visser vs Erwin de Gelder were the semi-finalists. The final was played by Erwin and Jörgen. Jörgen eventually managed to win the day and became the new club champion! Carolien van de Kerkhof extended the women's title!

The recreational club championships were previously held on Wednesday, January 22. Here the title was for Roland Robinson, for Wim van Geldrop and Lambert Cox. Elly Schouten became club champion for ladies recreational.

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By am /Administrator, bbp_participant on Jan 31, 2020